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1. How much it will cost for my Kitchen?
Cost of the Kitchen will depend on the Length, bench-top & Door Finishes you choose. For example if the client who has larger Kitchen with inexpensive finishes, the Kitchen will be much cheaper than the client who has smaller Kitchen with Expensive finishes.
However, the cheapest option will be choosing Standards Laminate Bench-top with Laminated Doors.

2. Do you do custom made Kitchens?
Yes. We only do custom made Kitchens. Australian made. At Jagant Interiors, we custom design & manufacture the products to suit the client’s personal interest & Budget

3. What types of Door finishes available?
There are 4 different door finishes available
I. Laminate Doors with ABS Edging
II. Thermo laminated Vinyl Doors
III. Createc Doors
IV. 2Pac Doors
V. Solid Timber

4. What types of Bench-top finishes available?
There are 4 different bench-top finishes available.
I. Laminated Post-formed Finish.
II. Caesar Stone/ Quantum Quartz
III. Granite
IV. Marble
V. Solid Timber

5. How long it will take to manufacture?
Generally it will take 3-4 weeks for manufacturing a standard Kitchen. But it does all depend on the finishes you choose.
(Due to the delivery duration from the suppliers)
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